About Us

We are known as the 'Global Car Dealer'.

While based in Tokyo we have a truly international reach.
We have alliance partners globally so you are not on your own when you repatriate.

Not only do we export cars from Japan's huge car auctions worldwide, but we also cater for all the motoring needs of the international community inside Japan. More than a one-stop-shop!

No matter what your car requirements are: Buying, Selling, Shipping - Exporting / Importing, Servicing, Body Repairs, Shaken, Ownership Changes or English Navigation GPS.

We welcome inquiries from:

  • Expatriates and lifers in Japan.
  • Embassy and Consulate staff in Japan.
  • US and other Military personnel and their supporting contractors.
  • Fly-Buy businessmen for buying at car auctions.
  • The International Skiing business.

Shipping your car for personal import into Europe and Australasia.

On top of all this we are efficient, courteous and provide a quality service.

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