After Care

Vehicle Maintenance Inspection

Tokyo Car Club will send reminders to clients for regular bi-annual maintenance checks. These checks are by no means mandatory, but strongly recommended for operating vehicles trouble free. In addition, a Full Service History is also considered as a sales point at the time of resale.

Periodic Maintenance involves the following:

  • Periodic maintenance Check
  • Replacement Parts Cost
  • Labour Costs
  • Tokyo Car Club Service Fee
  • Consumption Tax (5%)

Shaken Renewals      What is "shaken" ?

In contrast to the above periodic maintenance checks, shaken is a legal inspection required three years after the original registration of the vehicle and every two years thereafter. i.e. the third, fifth and seventh year and so on. Tokyo Car Club offers a convenient shaken service including pick-up/drop-off of your vehicle to your residence. Many of our customers take this opportunity to have their car serviced and we are more than happy to do this on your behalf. Please note this procedure will take at least one working day, with your car returned the following day.

Q. How do I know when my shaken is due?

A: The date of expiry is written in the bottom left hand side of the road worthiness certificate.
      (有効期間の満了する日 平成xx年xx月xx日)

The compulsory inspection is a 60pt comprehensive inspection of the vehicle. It inspects the essential safety apparatuses of the vehicle to ensure they comply to the required level of safe operation and covers; headlight and indicator lamps, wheel alignment, brake test, speedometer test, headlight beam, emissions test, suspension, steering, drive shaft, muffler, drive shaft boots, tyres and oil leaks.

Tokyo Car Club also welcomes any individual looking to renew their shaken.

Weight Tax

Based on the given weight of the vehicle, weight tax is collected by the Land Transport Authority for maintenance of the national road network.

Compulsory Insurance

Compulsory insurance is required by law and is a limited form of third party liability insurance. It covers the driver of the car for the physical injury to a third party outside of the vehicle. Compulsory Insurance is quite limited and we do not believe it is a substitute for comprehensive optional voluntary insurance. If you are involved in an accident, Compulsory Insurance is the first document the police will ask you for and must be carried in the vehicle at all times.

Example of the compulsory insurance document

Shaken legal inspection involves the following:

  • 24mth Legal Inspection
  • Use of Testing Equipment
  • Replacement Parts Cost
  • Labour Costs
  • Tokyo Car Club Service Fee
  • Consumption Tax (5%)
  • Vehicle Weight Tax
  • Compulsory Third Party Insurance
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