We at Tokyo Car Club have built up a portfolio of friendly dealers both domestically and internationally holding any franchise you care to name. Ranging from a city runabout to Grand Tourers, we specialise in New, Used, Prestige European Marques, Classic Cars and Buy-Backs. We will source vehicles on our clients behalf and handle all of the negotiations in an efficient and courteous manner.

New Vehicles

We have collaborated with the main dealerships here in Japan so as to offer the new range of vehicles to our clients. With advanced notice of around 72hrs, Tokyo Car Club can obtain the keys to the dealers demo cars for clients to view prospective models from the comfort of their own home or office.

Used Vehicles

Using our portfolio of dealers, we can source any used vehicle to match our client's needs. Any vehicle that can't be sourced locally, or not listed under our 'showroom' can be through the large dealer only auctions. From tens of thousands of cars on sale each week, we can not only source vehicles, but also thoroughly check them to make sure that our clients receive the best possible quality.

We will advise on a potential vehicles condition, with the final say being that of the customer. Please note however that the turnover of vehicles is exceptionally quick, with an average time of around 48hrs between sourcing and purchasing of vehicles.

Please contact us with your inquiry today, and we will find the vehicle you are searching for

Prestige Vehicles

Part of our business is to organise events throughout the major cities of Japan for high-end premium European Marques. Participating individuals can experience some of the best locations Japan has to offer as well as test-driving some of the newly released supercars from Europe's best brands. Tokyo Car Club holds no bias to any particular brand and can supply new or used prestige vehicles.

Classic Vehicles

During the bubble years, a high percentage of classic vehicles made their way to Japan to fulfill the then local demand. As the local population ages, this demand is slowly fading resulting in the unearthing of many prestige classic cars. Specialising in classic European and Japanese brands, we look to source highly desired vehicles through our affiliates nationwide.

Vehicle Buy-Backs

Sellers receive favourable returns on their vehicles through our buy-back system. With the possibility of introducing private buyers, or selling through the above mentioned dealer-only auctions, seller's can receive the true selling price of their vehicles. Tokyo Car Club will appraise vehicles at our clients convenience and give recommendations as to the estimated selling price. We can also purchase vehicles from individuals for stock purposes.

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