Other Services

Voluntary Insurance Cover

Major accidents do not happen often, but minor facial damage of vehicles is common place in Japan. Appropriate cover for such skirmishes is strongly recommended, not only to cover the vehicle for any exterior damage, but for extended cover of occupants within the vehicle. Tokyo Car Club can provide English insurance coverage through one of our affiliated insurance agents at competitive rates. A 24-hour help line for accident claims or emergency roadside assistance is automatically included.

Body Repairs

As mentioned above, it is common place for facial damage to vehicles due to the vast number of vehicles on the roads in Japan. Tokyo Car Club can handle repairs for any vehicle through our affiliated workshops at reasonable prices. Our staff can provide a quick estimate as to the costs and repair time required on a case-by-case basis.

Insurance repairs - Tokyo Car Club can liaise with your insurance provider should you need to make an insurance claim. We will arrange for the insurance company to send a claims adjuster and arrange for repairs as soon as the repair cost is approved. The claims and repair process will be done in a timely fashion.

Vehicle Overhauls

For owners of classic vehicles, Tokyo Car Club also offers services for a complete body or engine overhaul through one of our affiliated workshops.

Registration Transfers

The transfer of ownership for vehicles in Japan can be a head-ache for all concerned. The process involves filing multiple documents in Japanese, along with separate visits to the ward office/embassy, local police station and the transport office*. Tokyo Car Club will handle the transfer on your behalf with limited involvement from the end-user.
* In a few select cases the vehicle will be required to change the registration plates.

Installation Services

GPS Systems/Navigation Units

The small back streets of Tokyo and other cities are struggle for everyone to navigate. This includes the local population. A brief look around will show that a high percentage of vehicles on the road have a navigation system installed. Tokyo Car Club can provide an English system where available, or a detailed tutorial on how to use a Japanese only system.

Electronic Toll Collection Units

The transport authority in Japan recently lowered the cost of highway tolls for those who have an electronic toll collection unit installed. In addition to cost savings, ETC units eliminate the need to stop at every collection booth allowing drivers to arrive at their destination in a timely manner. ETC cards can be obtained through any major Japanese credit card company.

DVD players and Head Rest monitors

An entertainment system is a great way to occupy family and friends in the back seat for those long highway drives. Tokyo Car Club can install DVD players, fold down roof monitors and head rest monitors.

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