Shipping to many destinations worldwide, we can assist with personal tax-free imports and direct overseas purchases.

Personal Exports for expatriates returning home

Tokyo Car Club will assist with shipping your vehicle from your home in Japan to your next assigned country of residence as a tax-free import. The service can be door-to-door, door-to-warehouse/storage or door-to-port. The shipping package will depend on your needs and level of assistance required at the destination port.

Door-to-Door (Registered or Unregistered)

You may choose to have registration assistance in your destination country, or to have your vehicle delivered either direct to a compliance centre or your home. Those who choose to register vehicles on their own can take peace of mind that they will be advised on any pitfalls with the registration process.

The registered service includes document translation, collection, customs clearance, tests, roadworthy, registration and final delivery.


Your vehicle will be collected and shipped to the destination port. Original documentation with translations will be sent to the designated destination address at least one week prior to the vessels estimated arrival. Copies will be sent by fax or email a few days after the vessels departure allowing you to start the customs clearance process early.

Tailored Packages

There are a few cases where shippers have requested a different service package. We will make adjustments to meet your convenience, and can tailor our services to meet just about any need.

Worldwide Exports and Purchases

The rigourous testing, low mileage and high option packages on domestic vehicles make Japanese export vehicles a big business. Japan also has a high percentage of classic, difficult to source vehicles on it's shores. Through our network we can find just about any car you would like and arrange to ship to your destination.

Considering a trip to Japan? Please contact us and we will ensure that your time is well spent inspecting and purchasing vehicles that suit your criteria.

Imports into Japan

Bringing your pride and joy into Japan, look no further. We will assist with customs clearance, testing, homologation requirements, registration, and final delivery.

There are no strict restrictions* on vehicle imports into Japan and most vehicles being brought from overseas go through the testing and homologation process without too much hassle.
* Please contact us immediately if you are considering importing a Japanese made vehicle sold in a foreign market. The registration for this vehicle may be very difficult.

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